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Brand History
ERG was founded in 1998. During this period in Israel, a group of professional craftsmen began to create exclusive electronic custom shop instruments.

The ERG instruments quickly gained popularity among professional performers and took their place in the top-tier guitar market.

Boutique guitars were actively sold all over the world, and in addition to Israel itself – in Europe, America, Canada, as well as Russia, since organizers of the production of custom shop instruments were born and raised the former USSR and had established contacts with the musical community of the country.

Thus, Aleksandr Kutikov, Dmitry Chetvergov, Anton Gorbunov, Andrey Smirnov, Fiodor Vasilyev, Mikhail Surzhyan, Mikhail Men, Oleg Andreev, Fiodor Dosumov, Dmitry Maloletov, Daniil Ponomarev, Dmitry Protsko, and Dmitry Chervets were the endorsers in Russia. Musicians use ERG guitars as the main instrument for both studio and concert work.

At that period, the company presented its products at large-scale exhibitions in Germany, the United States, and Russia. In Moscow, ERG has repeatedly presented instruments at the Igor Sandler Production Center, the First Festival of Guitar Music in Ples, and other public events.

In 2016, the company was rebranded, and the production of instruments under the Polak brand started. People started to forget the musicians-preferred ERG brand.

The brand found new life in early 2020. The ERG instruments range spun off from Polak, and a separate range of the custom shop instruments has been launched.
Ruslan Davidov
Chief consultant of the ERG brand
Ruslan Davidov
Chief consultant of the ERG brand
Technological aspects
in the basis the ERG guitar production
ERG uses wood with at least 12 years of aging in natural drying conditions.
The hot and dry Israeli climate contributes to the best possible selection of material to create overtone- and sustain-rich instruments.
Varnish serves both as protection of the wood from destructive external effects, and as a decorative element. The coating thickness does not exceed 100 microns.
All electronic components of the guitar are of the utmost quality, produced by the world's best companies.
The main wooden components are glued only by best American organic glue. After gluing, the instrument is conditioned for certain periods, to allow different types of wood to get used to each other as much as possible, to avoid deformation in the future.
Pickups and electronics are selected for each guitar model, taking into account its mental and stylistic focus.
Possibility to create a high-quality purfle at the customer's request.
About our instruments
The ERG's craftsmen focus on complex guitars. The priority is given to bass guitars.
Customized approach to each tool
Each instrument must have the highest degree of reliability
Pedantism and perfectionism in the refinement, assembly, and tuning of the guitar
The strictest selection of wood of exclusively musical species of a special aging degree, a certain percentage of moisture, and only professional sawcut (from 4A and 5A to master grade)
Checking the acoustic data of a wood on special equipment
Maximum ergonomics, comfort, and convenience
Maintaining and preservation of traditional style and design features of the instruments. Hi-End grade
Scientific approach to design and production using the latest technological advances
Ongoing feedback from musicians whose experience is the main driving force on a way to perfection
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