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About our instruments
The ERG's craftsmen focus on complex guitars. The priority is given to bass guitars.
Customized approach to each tool
Each instrument must have the highest degree of reliability
Pedantism and perfectionism in the refinement, assembly, and tuning of the guitar
The strictest selection of wood of exclusively musical species of a special aging degree, a certain percentage of moisture, and only professional sawcut (from 4A and 5A to master grade)
Checking the acoustic data of a wood on special equipment
Maximum ergonomics, comfort, and convenience
Maintaining and preservation of traditional style and design features of the instruments. Hi-End grade
Scientific approach to design and production using the latest technological advances
Ongoing feedback from musicians whose experience is the main driving force on a way to perfection
Ruslan Davidov
Chief consultant of the ERG brand
Ruslan Davidov
Chief consultant of the ERG brand
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